iHT leverages its depth of business intelligence, effective technology, and client experience to generate business value. These are experienced by our client in many ways, including the services outlined below.

Anti-Fraud, Waste and Abuse Support
iHT works with its clients to enhance their efficiency with fraud detection, analysis, and prevention. iHT combines deep subject matter expertise, extensive data and technology to provide a full suite of analytics used to detect and discover pattern anomalies.

  • Rules-Based Analysis
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Link and Cluster Analysis
  • Predictive Modeling

Client Business Decision Support and Analytics
iHT provides its clients with extensive data analysis through a comprehensive set of customizable reports and in-depth analysis. These reports are part of a full suite of services that include:

  • Financial and Costs Analysis
  • Specialty and Network Utilization Analysis
  • Comparative & Trend Reporting
  • Provider Profiling
  • Business Operations Assessment

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
The goal of iHT's MTM program is to improve clinical outcomes and reduce clients' costs by increasing patient self-management of medications through education and improved communication between patients, providers and payers. The program ensures appropriate medication utilization for eligible members resulting in (a) improved clinical outcomes through detection of inappropriate use of medications and increased member adherence to medications and (b) reduced pharmacy and medical costs through elimination of drug duplication and medication errors as well as identification of therapeutic interchanges. iHT's MTM solution meets all CMS MTM requirements and guidance. iHT also provides high-quality analytics and focused pharmacy intervention services consistent with the MTM solution to non-Medicare members.

Star Rating
iHT provides a comprehensive service, leveraging a data driven analytics tool, that helps manage key compliance and performance metrics to assist Medicare Advantage plans achieve the highest Star Rating score.

  • iHT provides a powerful advantage in improving and maintaining Star Ratings.
  • Professional Service support is available for thought leadership, programs development and execution support.

Business Process Optimization
iHT offers co-sourcing solutions to optimize business processes; reduce administrative / operational costs, and improve productivity and delivery performance. Models include Business Process Engineering Studies, Technology, Solutioning, and Process Improvement.

Clinical Process Optimization
iHT improves operational costs and performance of clinical operations through process improvement, technology, and a global workforce. iHT identifies key levers and co-sourcing with clients to optimize operating performance in clinical programs such as UM, QM, population management, etc.
Technology Applications
Health care entities have significant demands for technology-based improvements; and, iHT provides support in terms of staff, augmentation, project execution and unique technology capabilities and managing implementations. Additionally, iHT provides focused development for client-specific needs in a broad range of technologies for solving business needs (mobile applications, application development, project based or ongoing).

  • Mobile application development
  • Staff and expertise in multiple technology practice areas
  • Application services and portals
  • Implementation Services