iHT is a national leader in payment policy and integrated claims management. iHT partners with its clients to customize and configure payment policy for professional, outpatient facility, and DME claims. iHT is able to help its clients develop a comprehensive, rules-driven, and defensible payment policy that allows its clients to pay claims accurately. iHT's approach to developing effective payment policy utilizes the industry's most comprehensive sources of correct coding and medical content. Through iHT, clients are able to:

  • Select clinically appropriate payment policy that corresponds with client strategy
  • Tailor policy application to specific markets, lines of business and provider types
  • Apply payment policy accurately and consistently
  • Better manage escalating medical costs
  • Significantly increase operational efficiency through a fully automated application of policy
  • Improve and enhance provider relations

By assuring accurate coding and payment, healthcare plans typically experience a reduction in inappropriate payments of 1-4%.